Monthly Archives: May 2013

Taz – search and rescue malinois in Moore, OK

taz1Taz is my first Malinois and I acquired him through an ad on He was the runt in an “accidental” litter between an adopted 10 year old retired K9 bitch and a 1 year old male, or so the story goes. I paid less than a typical adoption fee at a shelter, but the owner interviewed me for over an hour and made me promise to never get rid of him. Although the smallest at birth, he’s now 25″ and close to 60 lbs at 14 months old. After I brought him home, I soon realized I’d got myself into something major. This is why I discourage anyone that inquires about Malinois from getting one unless they are a military or law enforcement handler, compete in ring sports or tend sheep. (I know it’s not a comprehensive list but it gets the point across) If you’re simply looking for a pet or a cool looking dog don’t get a Malinois.  Continue reading

ZJ’s temperament test

ZJ, our malinois puppy that we co-own, was at the ABMC Belgian Malinois nationals a few weeks ago.  We always knew he had a solid temperament (confident, secure, stable) but the temperament test would prove he has an interesting quirk.  Part of the temperament test someone opens an umbrella in the dog’s face and makes noise with it.  The dog’s initial reaction isn’t too heavily judged but how they recovered is.  ZJ wasn’t to worried when someone opened the umbrella in his face but he did take the time to line himself up and mark the umbrella.  Of course, everyone had a big laugh over this and the judge even commented that was the first time they’ve seen it happen.